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About our Store

We're more in the business of making beer and not managing an online store so we're trying to keep this pretty simple. So here's the deal:

-Shipping rates are $4 for any order less than $10.01. So basically if you order one T-shirt it's $4 to ship it. Anything above that mark will be $6 to ship (5 shirts plus 4 glasses = $6 total to ship). If orders get really big we reserve the right to charge more.

-We'll try to ship orders once ever two weeks and they'll ship via USPS. That means you'll likely get it about 3-5 weeks from the time you order.

-We've had pretty good success mailing glassware in the past (even sent some across the pond to the UK) but can't control it if your postman chooses to use the package as a soccer ball. If the glasses are broken let us know and we'll try to figure out an amicable way to replace (we may ask you to fly to Atlanta and pick them up in person to ensure they're in optimal condition).

That's about it. Happy shopping!